Twelve Days of Christmas at Amelia River Cruises…

by: Kacie Couch

On the twelfth day of Christmas Amelia River Cruises sent to me:

12 seagulls laughing

11 dolphins swimming

10 fish jumping

9 wild horses playing

8 roseate spoonbills flying

7 shrimp boats shrimping

6 bald eagles landing

5 beautiful views of Cumberland Island

4 Old Town stories

3 great crew members

2 relaxing hours

And an unforgettable Amelia Island experience

Merry Christmas from Amelia River Cruises

Tis the season for giving and what better gift to give then a memorable evening with the family on one of Amelia River Cruises and Charters River cruises? Well lucky for you Amelia River Cruises is offering tours throughout the holiday season (excluding the 24th and 25th). After all, who needs a sleigh ride when you could take a nice relaxing boat cruise! Gift certificates are available and make perfect stocking stuffers! Join us Monday through Saturday for our 10:30 Cumberland Island tour or 2:30 Beach Creek tour where you’re sure to get a great view of this beautiful area from the water and learn about the history of our little island as well as the equally stunning golden isle just to the North of us; Cumberland Island.

Our Cumberland Island tour will take you back in time through the history of both Amelia and Cumberland Island and its ties to the Carnegie family. On this tour you will not only hear amazing stories of Cumberland’s long and fascinating history from our crew members, but you’ll also get a firsthand view of Cumberland Island from the boat including the famous Greyfield Inn (still owned by the decedents of the Carnegie family today). You’ll also be able to see St. Mary’s great Kings Bay Naval Base. You never know for sure what you’ll see on one of our cruises, but if you’re lucky you might spot the famous wild horses that live on Cumberland and maybe even a submarine bringing some of our nation’s defenders home for the holidays!

If Greyfield and Kings Bay don’t peak your interests, check out our 2:30 Beach Creek tour! Hop on the boat, sit back and relax as the captain takes you up the Amelia River past the local shrimp boats, Old Town, Tiger Island, and all the way around the northern point of Amelia Island to check out Fort Clinch, which was built during the civil war. A crew member will narrate your trip with fascinating Amelia Island history as you travel across the inlet to Cumberland Island where you may see just about anything including the wild horses, alligators, dolphins, roseate spoonbills, bald eagles and more. The captain will wind the boat through Beach Creek at the end of which the Carnegie mansion Dungeness lies in beautiful ruins.

Santa Claus enjoying Amelia IslandOh what fun it is to ride on an Amelia River Cruise! So bundle up (sixty degrees is near freezing for us Floridians), being your family, grab some hot cocoa and join us on one of our special holiday cruises. You’ll be sure to learn some wonderful local history, see some amazing sights and cherish taking the time to spend such a fun two hours with the people you love.

See you on the boat and Happy Holidays, everyone!

Enjoy some of the most spectacular sunsets on Amelia Island. 
Treat your family to our family friendly sunset cruise this Holiday Season! 


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