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15 years Amelia River Cruises

Amelia River Cruises celebrates its  15th anniversary.

This year we celebrate! All of us at Amelia River Cruises are proud to announce that our Quincineara has arrived. 15 years bringing the treasures only seen from the blue within view to you.  The palm tree laden Amelia Island has been around for quite some time. Likewise, Amelia River Cruises has been a staple, providing tours unveiling the unseen marvels of nature you would likely never experience otherwise. In the rare case that you live in a place where wild horses roam free, the exotic birds and wildlife practically show off in front of your eyes, and where a steadfast fort of old sits resolute- having never been breached…you might ought to think of turning your home into a resort! Otherwise, come see us! None of these amazing sights and experiences would be possible without the McCarthy’s. Who are the McCarthy’s you wonder? Kevin and Cecilia are our friends and proprietors, without whom none of what we do would be possible. Some congratulations are in order early in this new year! Capt. Kevin McCarthy was nominated for Business Leader of the Year at the Amelia Island Fernandina Beach Yulee Chamber of Commerce.


Capt. Kevin and Cecilia McCarthyCapt. Kevin McCarthy is a native of the seafaring city of Gloucester, Massachusetts. In 1968, a young Kevin and his family relocated to our island paradise of Fernandina Beach, Florida. After graduating from Fernandina Beach High School, Kevin married Cecilia Bennett and they raised their five children right here on the island. Kevin spent the better part of thirty years working as a building contractor, gracing the island landscape with many very beautiful homes. After so many years as a contractor, Kevin and his wife decided it was time to venture into a different direction. Being born and raised on the water, it made perfect sense to start a business that allowed them to be on the blue they love so dearly. At the turn of the century in 2000, Kevin and his wife Cecilia birthed Amelia River Cruises. As we have rounded the corner into 2015, we are looking back at all the success we have had over the years. And as a thanks on our 15th birthday, we are offering FREE cruises to guests who come on their birthday. There’s no need for any coupon or the like. All you need to sail for free is a smile and a photo when deciding which cruise you would like to attend, it really just comes down to the type of experience you would like to have.



One of the most frequently asked questions we have is, “Which is better…the Beach Creek or Cumberland Island tour.” There’s no correct answer here. I can let you in on what I think though. NEITHER is better than the counterpart. If you are in the mood for a laid back serene sunset while winding through the narrows of the River, the Beach Creek Tour is the first one you should try. However, be sure and come back again for the Cumberland tour. The chance to observe the running wild horses and plush river banks that lead to the island are worth much more than the cost of the ticket. So, if you come out on your birthday and claim your free cruise, it’s a double bonus!


Wild Horses on Cumberland IslandDo you own a camera and would like to learn how to take amazing pictures from professionals? Wildamelia.com is doing a full day class to teach you how to do just that. I would strongly suggest that you do not miss this opportunity. As an amateur photographer and graphic designer myself, I can guarantee an elevated amount of rewarding photos can brighten up every home or office. And you can be the artist to provide them! The class will guide students through the basics of exposure and identify the camera buttons and dials to select to create beautiful photographs. Throughout the day, students will have ample opportunities to practice exposing various lighting situations and other common scenarios with the help of an instructor. This is a beginner class for photographers who own either a Digital SLR’s or a Point and Shoot camera. When you come to your class, you just need to be sure to bring your camera – obviously- and equally important, the user manual for your camera. The Class will be taught by Maria Struss. She is an award winning photographer. You may even see me in attendance as I would love to learn more about photography myself. With, all of these great opportunities on the horizon, 2015 looks to be a most promising year!

Stay Salty Friends

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