Six Strings and A Sunset

by: Davis Yancy Clegg



Michael Ward

Amelia River Cruise welcomes Michael Ward to our family.

There’s a lot to take notice of on an Amelia River cruise. There are endless beautiful things to look at, especially on the sunset tours. Though as luck would have it, sight is not the only sense amused! On the sunset/BYOB tours, you will see an array of musicians local to the island perform. Being one of those musicians, I have no qualms about telling you… it’s a hell of a time! “The best stage around,” a captain friend of mine would say. Happily, we are adding a new name to our roster. Amelia River Cruises welcomes the one and only Michael Ward!

Mike has been all over and out of the country performing for quite a while. Spending some time outside of his hometown of Jacksonville, he spent 15 years performing full-time about Carnival, Celebrity, and Princess Cruise lines as a bandleader. After seasoning his chops amidst the salty sea, he moved to Nashville where he continued to perform in clubs over the next 10 years. There are 1000’s of artists who spend their entire professional careers trying to break into the Nashville scene. To do so is not an easy thing. With incredible experiences and stories to tell of playing guitar with Percy Sledge and the Platters behind him, he finally moved back to Jacksonville after playing a few years with the “Local Motion” band in Tallahassee. Now that he is back in town, Mike is busier than ever. Performing at local venues like the Green Turtle, Billy’s Boat House, the Sand Dollar, Whitey’s Fish Camp, and our own Amelia River Cruises, you can see both Mike solo & the Mike Ward Classic Rock Band on a number of occasions. There’s only one way to see him play guitar on water though!

I had a chance to speak with Mike briefly and he is very much looking forward to his upcoming tours. We are equally looking forward to having him as part of the Amelia River Cruises family!

Come feast your eyes and ears on the next cruise!


Until next time…. Stay Salty friends!



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