The Coming Tide

by: Davis Yancy Clegg


Sunset on Amelia Island



The human condition has always been a burden on the “pursuit of happiness” that we were all promised centuries ago by our beloved predecessors. That pursuit – as we all are very well aware of – comes at a price. Unfortunately, the price I speak of isn’t one even the wealthiest of us can escape. Though it isn’t tangible, it’s felt all over the body. It comes in many degrees and circumstances that sometimes leave us in nothing less than awe. If we must put it to one word, let’s call it “stress.”

Stress – like fear – is a state of being that is nothing more than useless. Weighted and weary we carry it round and round the clock. Eventually, it becomes your biggest weapon on a war and against any peace that might gain within yourself. It’s only at the end of a war when you can lay your weapons down. It’s kind of heavy stuff. SO… how do we begin to engage the invisible enemy? It helps that there an immediate silver lining. There are countless ways. Some better ideas than others….but countless. The ole 12 hour liquid diet is a go-to I’ve gone to a time or two! It would be expensive, but an acceptable solution if stress was the only thing that it relieved everyone of. A large majority chooses stepping into a workout routine at their local gym. There’s also the option of meditation. When you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of the Creator’s best work, here the beach on a starry night can be quite healing.

For myself and many of my close friends, the ocean and beaches are where we find solace. Keeping that sanctuary is a labor of love that so many are willing to perform, but we could always do more. Like everything else, it starts with knowing what you’re up against. Anyone that has spent an extended amount of time in a coastal area will attest. There are few things in the word more serene and inviting than a well-kept beach. No matter what troubles life tosses your way, there’s a certain comfort in knowing that you have a sanctuary to flee away to a little decompression time. In order to enjoy such a place and have it sustained for those that come after us, we have to all do our part to keep our beaches clean and the wildlife safe. Here on the Island, we are pretty diligent about playing our roles as protectors and often educators. Social media has come to play a role much needed in that safeguarding. Different pages including the Amelia Island Network and the Dolphin society contribute a great deal to keeping everyone informed of all aspect of local life. There have been glimpses but the day has come. Something productive is coming from Social Media. Alas! For those that enjoy the interactive learning experience, Justina Dacey comes out for our shrimping eco-tour and makes learning about what lies beneath.

Even if your ocean happens to be a mountain, wherever you call home should be a place you take the utmost pride in nurturing. Given the number of people that are walking the streets, it’s not easy to accept how so much untouched landscape has survived us. Whether you join the Sea Turtle nesting watch or just catch a guided cruise and learn about all things indigenous. Being part of learning about and respecting your environment is key.


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