Volunteer at the “Nassau Humane Society”!

by: Davis Yancy Clegg

Elvis First Place Winner Parade of Paws

-First Place Winner
2015 Parade of Paws


Of all the work I have done, the volunteer work I’ve done around Amelia Island and with SEZARC out at White Oak Plantation has rendered to me a reward that goes beyond a paycheck. The connection you make with the people and even animals that your efforts benefit is one that touches your heart in an unexpected way. There are a great number of clubs and organizations that offer many opportunities to volunteer, and a shockingly low number of people getting involved. It’s a shame and a circumstance well worth addressing. If not for our own benefit, then for our children’s. One of the most frequent responses I get when asking the citizens in the general public if they are involved in any environment watches or clubs is surprising to me. Most of them are simply unaware of the opportunities that are out there for them to get involved in their local human well-being/conservation-related organizations. One organization that’s more well-known and visible to the general public on a regular basis is the Nassau Humane Society.


Nassau Humane Society Mission Statement

Nassau Humane Society is dedicated to the humane treatment of all animals; to alleviating their suffering and neglect; to supporting the human-animal bond; and to fostering an environment in which people respect all living creatures.


Sam and Tator Tot

Sam and Tator Tot – Second Place Winner – 2015 Parade of Paws

The statement above lays out a noble concept and there are many volunteers carrying out that mission on a daily-basis. I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer my entertainment services at a few of their functions and they are a great group of people! There are basically three ways in which animals might come to be in the care of the humane society:

  • The animals are brought in to the humane society through animal control efforts which are established via an agreement with the city of Fernandina Beach
  • The animal is surrendered by an owner whom is either incapable or unwilling to continue caring for their pet
  • Transfers from other related agencies


The Nassau Humane Society has a no-kill policy unless the animal is just too sick or too badly injured to continue on with life. In short, any euthinization comes from a place of love and not neglect. Through the policies they have put in place and through the efforts of the many volunteers, they have made many noteworthy accomplishments as of late.

  • In 2014, Chardonnay Animal Rescue opens its doors for the first time
  • Mortgage paid down
  • Operated one of the top-rated dog parks in the United States, primarily with volunteers
  • Expanded the Second Chance resale store, thanks to community support and merchandise donations
  • Treated 21 dogs for heart-worm disease

The list goes on and on, but the truth is that many more volunteers are still needed for positions such as dog-walking and volunteers for the 2nd chance resale store located by the old theater on 14 St. Many people that consider a rescue as opposed to retail purchase for a pet don’t realize the care – and benefits of that care – that the Nassau Humane Society provides. You can learn all kinds of facts about the character traits of your potential new companion. The animals receive much more than just the important health and wellness procedure like spay/neuter, heartworm testing and treatment, and specialized medical procedures and surgery. They also have the benefit of socializing with other dogs/cats while with the humane society. They socialize with the potential owners that frequent their abode as well, helping to determine the animal’s compatibility with the household they may come to inhabit. NHS also provides the invaluable service of house training and behavior training in public places – cars, the beach, farmer’s markets, and parks. Many veteran volunteers with take animals home for an overnight stay and help with specific behavior training.

Gidget and Piper

Gidget and Piper – Third Place Winner – 2015 Parade of Paws

If you would like to become involved with the Nassau Humane Society, please visit their website and keep an eye out for public events as well. They are always looking for a great reason and a beautiful day to bring the animals out into the public’s view! I performed at the inaugural Dickens on Centre Christmas festival, and the humane society was out there doing a doggy costume contest. Right before my performance they announced the winners as the judging was over. The general theme was “Victorian Christmas” and there were many dogs entered. The “Parade of Paws” as it was dubbed was indeed a great contest idea. Here are a few pics of the winner’s and their owners! Thanks for reading and I hope this article finds you well and in good spirits. Visit the Nassau Humane Society’s webpage and print the adoption application and start the process of adopting your new best friend and family member!


Happy Holidays friends!

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