Meet the ARC team: Dena Doehler

by: Davis Yancy Clegg


Dena Doehler

Dena Doehler

Any small business owner will attest. Only where you find a team of committed people, will you find a successful endeavor. I’ve been working as both an entertainer and writer for Amelia River Cruises for a few years now. In that time, I can honestly say, I have not yet worked anywhere that rivals the first-class way in which ARC and the team behind the scenes conducts its’ business. It is no easy task to single out an individual to spotlight above any other. However, there is one member of our team that is well worthy of mention.

Dena Doehler was born in Taunton, Massachusetts and moved to San Diego when she was 19 years of age. Once she reached California, Dena began working every teenagers fantasy. She worked in a boutique music store. As these types of stores tend to carry inventory of the valuable nature, there were celebrities to be seen on several occasions looking to buy their 25th guitar! Throughout her time as the Office Manager/Bookkeeper of the store, Dena became close friends with Mike Keneally (one of Frank Zappa’s band mates). It was at this store where she also had the chance to meet Alan White and Chris Isaak. You may all know Alan as the drummer from Yes, and Chris Isaac for his song “Wicked Game” The good times and sun-rising parties went on and on for a decade before the decision had been made to move to New York. Once in the big city, 1992 brought on some very new experiences for Dena. After taking a job working at a truck dealership in the Accounting Dept., she then managed a marina and bartended at a private yacht club on a barge on the Hudson River for four years. After the city had grown cold, Dena decided it was time to relocate to a warmer climate. After working a few different jobs in bookkeeping, she eventually landed in a position that brought her happiness – Bookkeeper/Office Manager with Amelia River Cruises. Starting in March of 2010, she hit the ground running. Dena has two children. Alyssa is 31 and CJ is 29.

Allan Building Fernandina Beach

Allan Building, Fernandina Beach, FL

Dena has lived here on the island for the better part of twenty years. Barely got me beat! She has decided to claim Fernandina Beach as her home for ever and ever and ever! She believes this time will fly by with her best friend and boyfriend – Layton Allan – who is a native of Fernandina, and whose family have been key players in the local shrimping industry for 3 solid generations. His Great grandfather actually used to own the only general store in town. It was known affectionately as, the Allan Store. While the concept didn’t withstand the grueling test of time that EVERY small business must endure, the building still stands. To this day, the plaque on the front of the building currently reads the Allan Building. In addition to her duties associated with her title, Dena is also in charge of booking the entertainment for the BYOB sunset cruises. You can come along for one of these more adult-geared excursions and hear many of the finest musicians whom call Amelia Island their home.

Recently, some unexpected obstacles stepped right into the line of my dear friend’s path. A heart condition, which Dena was yet to be aware of attacked her from all directions. It was decided that she would need to have a quadruple bypass surgery. If you aren’t particularly familiar with surgical severity, that is about as serious as it gets when it comes to matters of the heart. I witnessed first-hand how the team at Amelia River Cruises jumped into action. Not one business beat was missed and not one shift went uncovered. I haven’t met many people with the spirit this woman has. As soon as she was physically able, she began working again. It is nothing short of a privilege to work with the team at ARC and people like Dena that go beyond duty and take in search of the next initiative. We are lucky to have you Dena and look forward to your indispensability as a team member in years to come!


Next time before you board the boat say hi to Dena.  You will find her at the office.  Also make sure to check out our cruises.


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