“Radio Love” joins the BYOB Line Up

by: Davis Yancy Clegg


Radio Love

Radio Love Band


The essence of music is in the fact that it can always be bent and re-arranged to suit the artist. There are a hundred ways to perform any cover song. Simply put, you must perform the song as if it were your own. It takes an astounding amount of surrender and commitment to your craft to achieve level of performance capability. Luckily, there is an act consisting of not one, but three people whom possess such talent right here in our midst.

Based out of Jacksonville, FL, Radio Love is a group that places a new touch on the songs they perform. They have recently joined the lineup for our sunset, BYOB river tours. Every song performed by this band has been given a unique touch. The songs are familiar, but they have evolved into something that feels sincere and authentic. All the music performed by Radio Love has been given an organic freedom to be taken in new directions, carried by the soulfulness of their delivery and the relentless drive of both funk and jazz. The group consists of three core members. Cyrus Quaranta is the principle keyboardist, bringing a new spin to your music as the group’s director of music. Smooth vocals and flowing tones have gotten Cyrus compared to the vocal accomplishments of those like John Legend and Gil Scott-Heron. With a sincere and soulful approach, this leader sings from the toes, up! Joey Ziegelbauer holds down the guitar for the band. He’s been known to melt a face or two straight off! With his impeccable tone an excellent backup vocal ability, he is sure to impress. Andronicus Jamison may well be the game-changing slice of the groove. His experience on drums is well beyond the expected. Great timing and a modest mind always prove to be a drummer’s best friend. The group can range anywhere from 2 to 8 members to accommodate both intimate and larger bookings. The 8-piece fusion band is an awesome spectacle, and the smooth kickback sounds of their duo approach truly impress. When you get a chance to see a level of talent like that of which these fellas possess, it would be ill advised to pass it up. Keep an eye on our lineup and their webpage-Radioloveband.com – to find out when and where the powerhouse innovators are performing. They’ll be glad you attended, and your outing with us into the sunset will be all the better for it.

Radio Love is a very welcomed act to the Fernandina Beach music scene. Performing at venues such as the Palace Saloon and Dogstar Tavern, they are certain to hold a crowd for the night. Popular music re-imagined in a unique way makes for a night filled with chills. Be sure to find out when Radio Love will be playing on the BYOB tour and call the ticket office to book your cruise with Radio Love now!


Hop on the boat and join the BYOB team.  The first Radio Love performance will be Thursday,  June 23. Make sure to reserve your seat early!


There is always a great time and you never know what happens next on the BYOB cruises.  (continue…)





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