Flying High Over Amelia Island

by: Davis Yancy Clegg

Marshes from Birdsview


Isn’t it strange how places can appear to be entirely different when viewed from another perspective? Things that seemed lame yesterday, can be suddenly breath-taking today. If such a feeling and a day filled with a mixture of thrills, priceless photo ops, and flight instruction sounds like something you would be into, you needn’t even leave the island if you are local. Want a new take on the town you know so very well?

You might question how well you know Amelia, viewing her landscape from 1800 feet above, cruising along at 70 mph in an open air cock-pit. Gene Monnier, owner and operator of Florida Adventure Sports, is just the guy to give you such a perspective. With thousands of hours behind the handlebar, Gene is a master of his craft and an ace in the power gliding world. He hasn’t always been located here on the island. He honed his skill threading the terrains of the Hawaiian Islands. His business provides the thrill seeker with both entertainment and education that can be applied to future credit. Every minute you fly counts towards a pilot’s license. With a wingspan over twenty-five feet and a 4-stroke prop engine riding behind you, the airport runway gets smaller in the distance and the glider takes shape and comes to flyingHighaltitude. Starting out bending around the south end of the island, a flight with Florida Adventure Sports will take you all along the east shore of Amelia, and over parts of inland Fernandina Beach. Flying eye-level with the roof tops of the Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island lends a beautiful image of the south end. From such a quiet height, the sense of peace that comes over you as you’re being exposed to the altitude onset drop in temperature, is one well worth having. As you’re gliding along taking in the view, Gene will lend his expertise as available while you begin your official introduction to flight. A record will be kept of the duration of your flight and time your flight took place. The first flight and every other after are all recorded and counted towards the required amount of hours required for one to be afforded their pilots license. Though you are propelled into the air by the powerful prop engine, once you are airborne, it feels as though the aircraft is idling. Once up to altitude, Gene will let you get your first taste of what it feels like to have the aircraft at your fingertips. The first lesson in initiating and stopping a turn is an eye-widener of a good time!

Sometimes things can take a turn from the mundane, as we become more familiar with the places where we live our lives. If you can manage to find ways to throw some variety into your perspective, experience has historically shown that it will be to the betterment of your character to find that variety. Whether it be for your own personal enjoyment or something you want to share with your significant other, a sunset-chasing glide across the horizons of Amelia Island will leave you with an entirely new outlook on what it means to be able to visit such a place. Praised on trip advisor and well-liked in the community, Florida Adventure Sports is the premier ticket in town to see a show that only few can say it is an experience they have shared, also. On Facebook, you can book your intro by messaging “Pilot Gene Monnier” or just call Florida Adventure Sports. The phone number to book your session is (904)-430-3800 (8am-8pm). Call Gene and book the ride of a lifetime for you and your family today!

P.S. Stay tuned! Video footage I shot from my flight instruction intro with Gene is currently underway of editing and will be posted very soon!


After you saw the island from birds view, experience the beauty from the sea.
We live on paradise and our amazing sunset cruises prove it over and over again. (continue…)






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