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by: Davis Yancy Clegg


Sean McCarthy


Here at Amelia River Cruises, one of our most treasured experiences is the one for adults only! Our BYOB river cruise is a popular pick among both locals and tourists alike. There’s no better way to see a sunset off the shores of Amelia Island. We make every effort to provide the comfort and enjoyment you would expect from a river tour. When you throw in live music and your drink of choice, the cruise takes on a new level of comfort entirely. We also recommend any ready-made snacks you might want to bring aboard. There is an undeniable charm to the sights on the river. However, there is an equally engaging sound, which comes from local musicians on board kicking up the moral. You can see local artists like Jim Baccaro, Dan Voll, Larry LaMier, and Radio Love. You can customize your tour to suit the artist you’d like to see perform. Just check out our BYOB Cruise page.

Today, the spotlight goes on Sean McCarthy! Sean’s talent comes as a pair. Not only is he one of talented and regularly appearing performers, but he is also one of our Captains! Formerly of Gloucester, Massachusetts, Sean now resides in Fernandina Beach. As a private yacht broker, he has plenty experience treading over the waves. Sean performs several times over the summer on the weekend BYOB tours, and hosts as Captain on others of our tours. Both a talented singer and guitarist, Sean performs with his band locally as well.

At the Shrimp Festival in 2012, Sean and his band – the Fishin’ Musicians – performed the title track to their album, Bad Day of Fishin’. If you can catch a performance by the full band, it comes highly recommended. However, we can guarantee you can see him perform solo two or three times each month during the summer months. Our offices will be happy to match your tour booking to a date coinciding with one of Sean’s performances.

Always remember, we have many types of tours to suit your destination desires. You can even book one of our boats for a customized 4-hour tour. You only need to call our office and get the booking process started. There is an abundance of natural beauty and American history waiting for you beyond the ports of Fernandina. With everything from historic architecture like that of Dungeoness, to wild horses seen on Cumberland Island, there is something for everyone here at Amelia River Cruises!


Check out our 4-hour guided historical nature tours.

This promises to be lots of fun for groups up to 6 passengers. (more…)




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