Corinthian Catamarans: ARC Excursion Vessels

by: Davis Yancy Clegg


Amelia River Cruises Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle


Looking inward somewhat, I thought it would be cool to share with you guys, especially boating enthusiast, just what kind of experience you can come to appreciate with cruising Amelia River Cruises. Along with a compassionate and professional Staff, the best Captains and live music around, and a great view, we take pride in the vessels that take so wonderful care in helping our guests get the most out of a cruise. We use two boats for all different types of cruises. Whether it is a Shrimping Eco tour, BYOB tour, or your very own private charter, all your excursions with us will be enjoyed on one of our spacious Corinthian Catamarans!

Miss Kaylynn

Miss Kaylynn

Corinthian Catamarans are no new player to the cruise game. Nor the aquatic economy in general. Along with being known as one of the world’s foremost manufactures of fiberglass catamarans, they dominate other areas as well. Corinthian has produced dive boats. Ferry’s, water-taxis, work platforms, and equipment certified to the United States Coast guard. They are put to rigorous test to say the least. In the States, you will only see boats like ours on the Florida Shore, some parts of Georgia, and on Eco-tours in California. Boating enthusiasts all over enjoy the dependability and luxurious style which Corinthian takes pride in offering. The statistics speak for themselves. To date, no other builder in the world has more boats of their brand in full-time service scenarios than Corinthian. They can conservatively demonstrate that their own models have earned over 1 million duty hours of service around the world; much of it in challenging Coastwise and Exposed routes. These extreme tests are all the more testament to the fact that they are most definitely worthy of sunset cruising conditions. No other manufacturer can claim a tenth of that record. With boating becoming all the more rage, many builders have cut their expenses by hiring outside contractors to finish work they’ve started. I don’t know about you all, but when it comes to an investment like a boat, I prefer those that begin the project to be the ones doing the final inspection of their completed body of work. How else can you know everything there is to know about how the boat came to be sea worthy, and whom to trust for your repair needs on certain types of issues? Corinthian does not subscribe to this operational procedure. They control the entire production of every vessel that they slap their name on!

With a company like Corinthian, which takes enough pride to start and finish the vessels themselves, and by sticking to producing boats in a certain size range, they allow themselves to reach as close to perspective as physics allow! All this so our family of first-rate staff and Captains can create an exciting and pleasurable adventure aboard Amelia River Cruises. So, happy boating and come see us soon for your next tour on a Corinthian Catamaran!


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