Whaling Ban Goes Ignored


by: Davis Yancy Clegg

Whale with Dolphin


Humans are famous in getting caught up in the sights, smells, and sounds of beautiful surroundings. Although, there are far more prudent things that should enter our thought process as we take the grace and beauty with which these miracles of nature go through their endangered existence. Many of the species you will encounter when going out on the blue with Amelia River Cruises are – in fact – even more endangered than their recognition claims.

It has been proven and documented that the demand for whale products has significantly dropped. Action has been taken, but only in the form of a few signatures on some carelessly filed-away paperwork. It took some time for the International Whaling Commission (IWC), which is in charge of keeping track of species depletion, to get a solid idea of the seriousness of the issue. Satisfied with their findings after years of research and tag-tracking, the ban on commercial whaling was put into place over 30 years ago. Even though a ban has been placed on commercial whaling, countries like Iceland, Norway, and Japan continue to poach over twenty thousand whales, annually. How is that possible if there’s an ironclad ban in place to prevent this atrocity. Well, that’s just it. The ban is anything but ironclad. At least, that’s the only conclusion the protesting community can come up with, considering the 50,000 whales that have been killed since the ban went into effect. With great ease, each of the 3 countries found their own loop holes which allow them to continue commercial whaling.

whalingJust as an attorney would raise an ‘objection’ to an unfavorable argument, The International Whaling Commission is currently allowing Norway to hunt whales commercially because the country raised an objection to some of the stipulations required by the ban. Iceland continues whaling, because it claims to have gotten out from under the umbrella of the commission. Oddly, the deserting party was allowed to rejoin commission 10 years later. Doing so, they were allowed to be grandfathered in to the regulations before the ban was put into place. Our third offender, Japan, found their loophole in an amendment to the ban which allows for whaling to take place if the hunting is done for “research purposes.” The only other fully permitted hunting license afforded to a peoples is that of the Aboriginals. They are allowed to participate in the Aboriginal Substance Whaling, dependent upon the numbers of the tribal population. However, as greed tends to win the hearts of men, Aboriginal Substance whaling came under much scrutiny once it was uncovered that they were allowing the meat from their hunt to enter the commercial market chain. These types of offenses on our planets greatest marine spectacles if the idiocy that enters the law-making process is allowed to maintain its’ presence.


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