Adopt a Pet and Gain a Lifelong Friend

by: Davis Yancy Clegg


Dog on the boat


One of the most beautiful things about being or becoming an American, a privilege not to be taken lightly, is owning your own domesticated animal. Pets are what turn your down time into fun time of the day. Yes, when they are little, they can leave you with – quite literally – a handful. Sure, there are all sorts of animal lovers out there. Dogs and cats are great, but don’t believe for one second that the only viable pets in today’s culture are only house cats and Frisbee-dominating dogs. I grew up in a neighborhood that we could have opened as a half-way legitimate wildlife reserve. With the neighbors keeping everything from ferrets, possums, sugar gliders (flying squirrels), and even the occasional snake, there was never a dull moment where our pets and interactions among them were concerned.

The Nassau Humane Society is a group that takes part in one effort, and one effort alone. The rescue and protection of animals is the sole agenda of the humane society, located here on Amelia in the shopping center across from the 14th St. Flash Foods store. Sadly too many of the creatures have been left homeless by way of abandonment. Beth Hughes certainly had a decisive, and direct message when question about the general state of things for our communities and their animal populations. With an exhausted emotion, Beth declared, “We strive to help as many animals as we can, whether it be through spay and neuter, transporting animals in from crowded shelters, assisting the community with low-cost programs and humane education. The Petco Foundation grant gives us a much-needed boost to further grow those programs.” That’s right. Recently, The Petco Foundation came out in full force ad stepped up in a huge way to help along the process of getting these animals into safe homes. Not only has the Petco Foundation stepped up by helping to find homes for some of these animals in need, but they have also stepped up their game in the financial department. The Nassau Human Society just received and influx gift from the Petco Foundation, totaling in the amount of 110,000 dollars!

Adopt a petIt’s important to remember one essential thing when adopting a pet. You aren’t just giving a homeless animal a permanent shelter, you are giving yourself a gift as well. You are picking up a friend that will stick by you for the length of their entire life. It would cost you more than a pet adoption to go out to lunch a couple times with someone whom you may not even like to hang out with. This year, the Nassau Humane Society is quite proud to be celebrate their 30th year serving the community. We can all agree, the service which they provide is one of the most treasured on the island. Bringing needy animals together with loving adopting families is the ultimate feel-good activity. With pet stores being ran like machines and new ones built all the time, the Nassau Humane Society has recently partnered up with Petco stores, putting an emphasis on Petco’s Think Adoption First program to help keep the focus on the animals truly in need of urgent adoption! Go out and visit the Nassau Humane Society today and become the next chapter in the life of an animal that might otherwise become a closed book!


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