Meet the Owners


Kevin and Cecilia McCarthy




Captain Kevin & Cecilia McCarthy

Kevin was born and raised in the seafaring city of Gloucester, Massachusetts. In 1968, as a young man he moved with his family to Fernandina Beach, Florida. After graduating from Fernandina Beach High School, Kevin married Cecilia Bennett and they raised five children. For almost thirty years Kevin worked as a building contractor, building many fine homes on Amelia Island. In the summer of 2000, Kevin along with his wife, Cecilia, created Amelia River Cruises & Charters in Fernandina.

Time spent on the water has been part of this family for generations. Cecilia Bennett McCarthy’s family arrived on these shores nine generations ago. They would include British Officers, Lighthouse keepers on both sides of her family, harbor pilots, oysterman and, most recently, pioneering in the Shrimp Industry. Kevin is descended from those Gloucester Fisherman who for generations have sailed the North Atlantic harvesting seafood. Amelia River Cruises today has become a fixture on the waterfront offering narrated History/Nature Sightseeing tours that feature Amelia Island, Florida and Cumberland Island, Georgia.

Capt. Kevin is a renowned tour narrator, entertaining passengers with his endless accounts of history and nature, mixed in with colorful tales about local people and personal connections to the island.

Upon the success and excellent reputation of their business the McCarthy’s added a second vessel in 2007. They serve customers year round along with additional crew members, while overseeing all business operations.