Private Charters

Private Tours on Amelia River Cruises


Your Doorway to Magical Memories


Weddings, Birthday Parties and Much Much More!!


Amelia River Cruises offers unique cruises to provide you with an unforgettable memory. Be it a wedding, birthday party, reception or one of a kind sales or business meetings aboard our 49 passenger river cruise vessels or our 80 passenger ferry vessel.

Our boats are pet-friendly, bathroom equipped, handicap accessible and open to food and beverage service as the client demands. We tailor weddings and other special events to the time of day, season or desired travel route of the client.

To schedule your unforgettable experience, please contact Dena (Office Manager)
at 904-206-9733 or email her.


Group Charter Rates:

49 Passenger Miss Kaylynn:
$800 first hour; $500 each additional hour plus 7% sales tax & 18% Gratuity

80 Passenger Bald Eagle:
$1000 first hour; $700 each additional hour plus 7% sales tax & 18% Gratuity

6 Passenger Chief:
$400 first hour, $200 each additional hour plus 7% sales tax & 18% Gratuity


Transportation to Oyster Bay Yacht Club  (One Way)
On Bald Eagle: $1100, plus 18% Gratuity (Up to 100 passengers)

On Miss Kaylynn: $900, Plus 18% Gratuity (Up to 49 passengers)


*Note: There will be a surcharge of $200 for the Miss Kaylynn and a $400 surcharge for the Bald Eagle if your private tour is scheduled during one of our regular scheduled tours or on a holiday or during a holiday week during our busy month, March through August. Also, if you want to book the Bald Eagle on a night we are regularly scheduled to do one of our Adult BYOB Twilight Cruises, the surcharge will be $800.

Please visit our Cruise Calendar for those times, which vary by season and day of the week.



Create your own Tour

A destination tour that is great for up to 6 passengers.  Build your own 4-hour guided historical tour.
Catering arrangements are available upon request, or you are welcome to bring your own food and beverages (alcohol and non-alcohol).

Recommended for adults due to the length of the tour and walking opportunities. Subject to availability.
Advance reservations required.   (learn more…)