Never for Granted

by: Davis Yancy Clegg


The Amelia River BYOB sunset cruises are back in swing as of this month. As one of the performing musicians on these cruises, it is quite exciting! There’s no better way to enjoy your favorite adult beverage than while peering off into some of the most beautiful and scenic sunsets you’ll ever encounter. Mixed in with banter from our renowned Captain’s, it’s never a disappointment! You can go on our website or contact our booking office at the marina to find out when your favorite performer and Captain will be on board!


BYOB cruise musicians


Today I’d like to speak with you folks about things we can sometimes take for granted. Particularly, the social lubricant that makes living in a tight knit community like Amelia Island the treasured lifestyle we’ve all come to know. That ever-changing and constantly evolving libation is none other than every man’s mistress…Beer! `Just like the sunset you can catch from the bow of one of our vessels, we often take the beer we drink and what goes into each refreshing gulp for granted. So aside from the obvious, what is beer?

Beer has a history that nearly predates the civil society we know. To be blunt, beer has shaped us just as much as we have shaped it. So many of our resources anywhere from wheat, barley, hops, and every starchy vegetable imaginable just to name a few, have gone into the beverage we hold so dear. In using so many different methods and styles, beer has become essential to our economy on endless agricultural levels. These are very interesting times for beer. `Pickets of the truest and most classic styles remain today. In Europe, the classic styles have been struggling for quite some time. A solid century of the market being flooded has resulted in the big breweries getting bigger, blander, and downright boring in my opinion. The widely loved – and now very sorely missed – Michael Jackson, loved to have fun with his crowds when he would tour in Europe! Somewhere between the soaring white gloves and the “Thriller” dance, he would make the comment that while he loved Europe…the best place on Earth to drink beer was the United States of America. He hit the nail square on the head on that remark! There are more styles, flavours, colours, and aromas of beer overflowing with personality right here at home than anywhere else in the world.

You may find yourself set aback once you realize how close some of these creativity-driven brew-pubs are in comparison to your front door. Even though beers origins date back all the way to 10,000B.C.E. Maltsters and Brewers are still finding new ways to make our favorite beverage into a new art form still to this day. Fernandina Beach is certainly no stranger to the complexity of beer. In the 90′s, Williamsville Brewing was one craft brewery here on the island that has since closed, Their Amelia Ale was revered as one of their crowning brews. We are soon to have a brand new brewpub. It’s going to be a great summer for friends and beer.

If we take the time to enjoy things in life – things that we have most likely taken for granted or avoided altogether – we will find that many things will. On behalf of Amelia River Cruises, we are all looking forward to yet another beautiful Amelia summer. Until soon….

Stay Salty Friends!


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