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Phone ResqueSo as not to make it seem trivial and further the tone of sincerity, I won’t refer to all of us as “society.” I feel it cheapens the compassion that has developed, and I wouldn’t want to stifle it a bit. Coming from small town Mississippi, like many of you, I had much experience with truly living locally when it came to where my parents laid their paychecks to rest. The owner and reputation of an establishment in a small town becomes knowledge to the majority of that town’s population faster than that gossip game where you sit whisper in a circle until the last person says the passed along phrase. By the time the end of the gossip circle has been reached, the original whispered info has gotten ultimately distorted into something entirely unrelated. Applying that result, you can imagine how important it is that businesses maintain a positive reputation in conversations among citizens and possible patrons when you are dealing with tens of thousands of people as opposed to a mere six. Luckily, here in our paradise, Amelia Island, we are fortunate enough to have a slew of professionals and accommodating small business owners. I’m here to tell you, there are most definitely some professionals amongst the business community who value their word and their customer’s satisfaction. For these heroes of commerce, negative feedback is virtually non-existent and an afterthought at worst.

Phone RESQ is a retailer and repairer of smart devices located on Atlantic Avenue just east of historic downtown Fernandina Beach. I have always heard great things about the owner and staff. Let’s face it, accidents do happen and no one likes it; but it happens all too often. Since our cell phones are responsible for our daily efficiency in our work, it is vital that they function as expected. Given the time and money every subscriber invests in them annually, they better work! However, it wouldn’t be life if Murphy’s law didn’t peak it’s head out at us every once in a while. Recently, my smartphone decided to start operating at the speed of smell. Once this problem was followed by regular freezing, I decided (or my device decided for me) that a visit to a repair shop was eminent. Once I arrived at the shop, I was promptly greeted by a very kind associate who was most eager to troubleshoot and get my line of communication back on track. Being a highly service industry driven city, many of those who are considering repairing their high-end smart devices hesitate because of financial reasons. I should know. I’ve walked more than a mile in that shoe. I would say shoes, but at the time I could only afford one. Nate, smart device expert and proprietor of Phone RESQ, evaluated the condition of my device, followed by a “Why are you just now bringing this in?” look of disbelief. I was going to tell him that I was a terrible procrastinator, but I figured that could wait ‘til later…

As it turns out, my iPhone had become both outdated and simply worn out. Thankfully, I had heard of these true rescuers. Phone RESQ unlocks, repairs and retails refurbished iPhones, iPads, androids, and even replaces laptop screens. Granted, these luxuries are not necessarily inexpensive. The average consumer struggling to make ends meet could end up in costly trouble with an employer or a loved one over an honest mistake, such as dropping the phone in the wrong place at the wrong time. Fret not! Phone RESQ offers no credit check financing and requires very little information to get you approved and back into the swing of things without missing a beat. Sure, there are other phone companies out there, but Nate and the gang go out of their way to get me and my daily business back on track. I went on to learn that they had been equally helpful in assisting our team at Amelia River Cruises on several occasions. It’s committed local businesses like Nate and his staff that keep Fernandina connected and moving forward. If you find yourself in a bind with your smart device, there’s no better team to get you back on track!

Contact the team at Phone RESQ @ 904-310-0059 or stop by their store on Atlantic Ave just east of 8th Street in Historic Fernandina Beach! Thanks to all of our local business for keeping the island afloat!




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