The Hurricane Matthew Adventure

by: Davis Yancy Clegg

Harbor Marina during Hurricane Matthew

Harbor Marina during Hurricane Matthew



There are all sorts of things in life which are completely predictable. You can always count on the leaves to change with the seasons, and all flowers will soon whither and fade. In direct disagreement with that idea, there are other aspects of the human experience which – after so many years of study and research – remain to be perceived as “best-guess” scenarios. Successfully predicting the weather can be a lifesaving maneuver. Especially along on the Southeastern coast, weather patterns and many seasonal predictions in Florida fall into that latter category. Meteorology and the academic enthusiasts pursuant to its’ study are unfortunately considered to be on the bottom of the scientific scoreboard, in terms of consistently delivering accurate hypotheses. Here in Fernandina Beach, the island sky – in one moment – can look as though it is a pre-cursor to the beginning events in the book of Revelations. Ten minutes later, singing birds and the blinding afternoon sun leave you forgetful of the dark and ominous sky, just having vanished.

Hurricane MatthewHurricane Matthew brought about a slew of grim experiences for many, but luckily the Florida coast was spared a direct hit. It has been estimated that nearly a thousand people’s lives were lost in Haiti, and another 33 lost in the states. Florida officials blamed the storm for at least five deaths: three in St. Lucie County, one in Volusia County and one in Putnam County. Early on Friday, the St. Lucie County fire service received a call to aid a woman who had suffered a heart attack, but winds approaching hurricane force prevented emergency vehicles from responding. Mayor Johnny Miller announced the necessity of a complete evacuation of Amelia Island as the storm churned up the coast. He warned locals that failure to evacuate the island would result in not having any emergency responders near them in case of an incident, relating to Matthew or otherwise.

Among others there was a reported accident involving an elderly couple. Unaware of the ease at which the gases can permeate a persons’ home, the aging pair perished due to the inhalation of carbon monoxide, produced by the generator running within the confines of their garage. Many Hurricane deaths like this tragic passing could easily be avoided. Anyone that chooses to ride out a hurricane at the mercy of a generator should always keep it a minimum of 30 feet from the home. In emergency-type situations or just the presence of any danger, decision making can become a hindered action for many people. Any survivalist will tell you that proper planning and redundant preparation are of the utmost importance. Here are a few ways to keep you and yours safe and endure the tropical weather at its most recorded severity.

  • Stay informed by monitoring the store via radio, TV, and internet.
  • Secure your home, close storm shutters, and secure outdoor objects or bring them indoors. …
  • Turn off utilities if instructed to do so. …
  • Turn off propane tanks. …
  • Keep your vehicles fully fueled.

These are just few items to think about. Visit Noaa for a Hurricane Preparedness List. For detailed weather information visit the National Hurricane Center (noaa).


Now that this weather threat is over, come join us at a Family Friendly Sunset Cruise. Remember, since the storm severely damaged our regular dock we depart from dock 8 at on the south side of the marina. (more..)




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