One More BYOB Cruise For A Good Cause

by: Davis Yancy Clegg

Last 2016 BYOB cruise


Hurricane Matthew came barreling along the eastern coast of the United States only a couple weeks ago. While the island fared well as a whole, the dock where our vessels rest took a beating like it’s never seen. Thanks to around the clock work, things are more or less back to working order. That very miracle gave us the great pleasure of announcing one more, our last twilight cruise of the year; the Hurricane Relief BYOB Twilight cruise. Normally, we would have been wrapping up our Adult Twilight BYOB cruises at the end of October, and hunkering down for the cooler months. However, this year we extended the summer series to just one more tour.

Kevin Little

Kevin LIttle, Dockmaster for the City’s Fernandina Harbor Marina

This tour for a cause was most worthy of our attention. As you’ve read in previous posts, Amelia River Cruises is more than a business to those of us whom are a part of it year round! So, what cause could be of such worth? Well, Kevin Little has been our dock master for more than 30 years at the Fernandina Harbor Marina. Like, many – maybe most – Kevin did not have flood insurance when Hurricane Matthew made its’ ugly pass at our island. His house was flooded. Being one of only two employees at the dock, Kevin works around the clock as much as anyone to ever use that phrase. So, on top of seven days a week at work, he is spending his “off time” doing repairs at home. His family is desperate to get their house back in order, and we are equally desperate to help and to make that hope a reality.

The cruise was held on November 11th at 4:30pm. One of our captains, Sean McCarthy, who is a very talented performer has offered to donate his time to help out and provided entertainment. Needless to say this cruise was for adults of 21 years of age and older, only! The cost of the cruise was $28, and all proceeds went directly to helping our friend Kevin and his family reclaim their day-to-day lives after this horrific experience so many along the coastline have felt. Yes, this cruise sold out in a hurry.

BYOB Twilight Adult cruises ended for this year and will resume in March of 2017. As always, we are evermore gracious for your business and support and offer a warm-hearted “Thank You” from both the ARC, and the Little family. We all offer our most sincere prayers and thoughts to all families and friends affected by Hurricane Matthew, and hope that aid comes to them, as we are diligent in coming to the aid of our friend, Kevin Little.


But wait, you still can join us on the ever so popular Family Friendly Sunset Cruise.  

The sunsets this time of the year are beautiful! (more…)






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