“And So It Begins” the Anton Laplume Band on the Amelia River Cruise


The Anton Laplume Band


A buzz has been vibrating the surface of the music scene in the Southeast. The source, you ask? That would be none other than the emanating sounds of The Anton Laplume Band. With rhythmic bass lines echoing the phrasing of Bootsy, melodies so infectious they’ll take control of your dreams. Lyrics that embody the struggles of the mundane, and grooves that make the song you’re hearing become your only concept of time. Why wouldn’t you want to experience the vast flavors of this musical spread?!

The Anton Laplume Band, originally hailing from the cultural landscape of South Florida, decided to relocate and call Jacksonville, FL the home base. In its current incarnation this project is largely represented by the musical and personal relationship between singer/songwriter/guitarist Anton Laplume and bassist/songwriter Shawn Saul.

Back in the early 2010s, Anton brought Shawn in on his first band “Final Daze”, where Shawn was instrumental in helping write parts and arrange the songs in ways that brought a whole new element to the singer/songwriter approach that had been previously implemented. The band had a revolving line-up of local South Florida musicians mainly influenced by its core members at the time— Shawn Saul, Brett Segal (drums), and Zack Grehl (guitar). After cycling through members to sustain “Final Daze”, the group was disbanded and everyone went on to pursue other projects.

The Anton Laplume BandAnton and Shawn, however, continued their personal friendship and occasionally embarked on musical collaborations together until Anton decided it was time to give the original music they had created another shot in a new place. Since relocating to Jacksonville the core band still includes Anton Laplume and Shawn Saul but has added drummer Aaron Plotz to the line up.

The band just released their first EP appropriately entitled “And So It Begins”. In many ways, the EP represents the final arrangements of tunes from Shawn and Anton’s previous collaborations, which were arranged and performed over time in many different ways and by many different people. The largely funk and rock influenced band has made waves in the local Jacksonville scene in the short time they’ve been present. They have performed at major venues and festivals, opened for major touring acts, and still have much more in the works. Only big things are to be expected from this talented group of musicians, so be on the look out for what’s to come!




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