Got Water?

by: Davis Yancy Clegg


Sunset on an Amelia River Cruise



New perspective makes themselves known in every all sorts of ways you never before imagined if you look deep within the confines of your everyday experiences. The greatest illusion of all is that of control. It is quite certain that there is none. As children, we have our toys… God be with whomever dares to go near the ones that are deemed untouchable. Yet inevitably, at some point when the guard is down, your favorite transformer finds its way to a spot where it has never belonged. The day is marked, and control has been lost for the first time.

As we become young adults, we begin to form our routines that give our lives a certain meter. There’s a certain piece of mind that comes with knowledge. Unless of course that knowledge means bad things are coming your way. As for the good in life, – which hopefully outweighs all the bad – without the repetition we worked so hard to achieve and maintain, life would certainly vanish into utter chaos. Interests develop. Passions rage. Routines are broken for far less reason than they were ever put into place. It begs the question. At what point does our youthful spirit give into the realization that human will does not equate to control over life’s erratic course? The most sensible conclusion: the point at which your self-awareness radar picks up on the course of mortality.

Dolphin sightings

Enjoy dolphin sightings in the water surrounding the boat.

As with any new head-wrapping moment, this idea takes the better part of our adolescent lives to comprehend. Just like there are still people who – unbelievably – still think climate change has nothing to do with humans mixing up the definitions of “progress” and “demolition”. Too often it takes the occurrence of a tragedy to take place before we can begin acceptance of the inevitable end for all lifeforms. Water, for example, is a naturally occurring phenomenon and is one of very few things that life cannot continue without its’ existence. Ever since the earliest days of the ancient Romans and their engineering genius, running water has been all the rage. The Romans associated the element as a natural remedy for all sorts of ailments of time. They must have been fairly on point, because water is one of the most commonly used resources in rehabilitation of the body and mind. The empire also had very large pools of water they would frequent for relaxation. With the better part of a thousand years of evolution on our side, we have innovated the application of this clarity-driven science of relaxation to exponential. Whether by means of refreshing ourselves in a warm bath, taking an ambient vacation alongside the shore of a favorite beach, taking in a long swim, or taking a leisurely cruise on Amelia River Cruises’ own Bald Eagle. There usually is a longing for the calming nature that water brings to the spirit in us all.

As if just having fun and learning enough insightful history to fill a semester at college isn’t enough incentive, now you have the added benefit of doing your body good! So, now that there’s no good reason not to, what say we all; book a seat on the next tour. It just might save your life. After all, milk is great and all. But more importantly, “Got Water?”


We got plenty of water!  How about checking out one of the best sunsets.  Come join us on a Family Friendly Sunset Tour.  You’ll be on water and yes… we also have bottled water on board. (continue…)





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