Protect Water from Pollution

by: Davis Yancy Clegg


Intracoastal Amelia Island


Government funded agencies, nonprofit organizations, and – last but certainly not least – concerned individuals are our world’s best defensive line against the destruction of our planet. Unfortunately, there is only one way to destroy our planet. It’s by our own hands. As industry pushes forward, society has evolved to become obsessed with its own survival. In that act, mankind has neglected that which is responsible for its’ own survival. Before environmental awareness took on a more public presence, pollution was all but overlooked in modern America.

Much focus gets put on the toxins that we introduce to the air. In fact, one of those pollutants, carbon dioxide, does begin its’ threat to the planets’ safety in the air. However, much of that very pollutant finds its’ way into large bodies of water. Littering, improper disposal of waste and Waterkeeper Alliancefailed law permit enforcement (to name a few) assist in external factors progressive degradation of our most precious resource. Diamonds are beautiful, and our own personal needs to evolve have made the price of oil what it is today. Yet, water is the single most valuable substance on the planet. Unprotected, disaster would surely ensue. One of the most famous rivers in the world is right here in the United States of America. Located in New York City offering an unequaled view of the “big apple’s” skyline, the Hudson River was being destroyed by industrial pollution in the early 1980’s. In response to the growing problem in the River’s cleanliness, New York introduced us all to the first Riverkeeper in 1983. After bordering communities in New York and New Jersey areas started taking notice of the efforts’ success, more Riverkeeper positions began to be created. In 1999, New York started the Waterkeeper Alliance. Today, the original city that started the movement is the central hub for over 300 organizations. The Waterkeeper Alliance, spanning 6 out of 7 continents, has become the largest grassroots movement of its kind in recorded history. The areas protected by the alliance include bays, rivers, inlets and vital watersheds.

In inspiring fashion, the grass-roots movement, known now as the Waterkeepers, has become one of the most prominent nonprofits advocating environment protection efforts. History has shown us many flaws in our structure through tragedy. Sometimes the agencies of government aren’t the most expedited way of maintaining the nation’s watersheds. Thirty-five countries welfare and billions of tourism dollars depend on the diligence of organizations outside of the governments’ funding. The fundamental idea behind grass-roots movements starts exactly as it sounds, from the ground up. Volunteers from areas near a watershed, bay, river, or lake are the first and first responding actors in the fight against the degradation of Earth. Contact the Riverkeeper in your local area to get involved in an effort which is fun, educational and might just save us all! We at Amelia River Cruises – and the planet – thank you in advance for your interest in this very important matter.

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