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It’s no secret that biodiversity is threatened by the rapid growth of cities, and Florida, while home to three National Parks and a huge variety of other natural destinations, isn’t immune to this particular threat. It does have, however, the advantage of facing this while armed with advanced science and the overall prevailing attitude among people towards having a better relationship with the environment, according to data provided by Sunshine State Survey. The Sunshine State may very well set an example for how urban-dwellers can sustainably co-exist with other critters, with firsthand knowledge of how their survival means a lot for the upkeep of our natural resources.

Even Miami, which has the largest metropolitan area among all the cities in the state, still boasts rich biodiversity. Some would even go as far as comparing it to Australia. Discover Homes Miami documented in a blog post that, “It’s not only humans who want to live in a beachfront property. So too do various bugs, snakes, gators, and reptiles; the place is like an open zoo of sorts.”

In South Florida, extraordinary efforts from ordinary citizens demonstrate that it’s possible to peacefully co-exist with their wild neighbors. For example, alongside being a rehabilitation center for distressed wild animals, South Florida Wildlife Center is currently running a campaign called ‘If You Care, Leave Them There’ to educate the community about wildlife. Efforts like this matter a lot for a city that attracts hundreds of thousands of residents from all over the country each year revealed Business Insider. The people who decide to live in the city for a long time, after all, must develop the richest knowledge of the place, as they eventually get bigger stakes in taking care of the environment, and are most rewarded for it.

While Travel Tips suggests state agencies such as The Department of Environmental Protection and The Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems ensure the protection of natural resources as well the proper management of state parks, it’s also important to think about how the skills and experience of the private sector can also make a great contribution. A study from the University of Florida highlights the potential that private owners hold for improving the environmental situation by continually trying out ideas that may strike the perfect balance among recreation, sustainability, along with profitability for those that take care of these places.


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Indeed, the state of the environment shouldn’t be the concern of this or that group of people alone. Government and private businesses, experts or enthusiasts, as well as citizens and tourists alike can all contribute towards taking care of natural resources and wildlife. While it is helpful and important to think of this as everyone’s duty, it matters equally that people continue to recognize nature, with all its beauty and mystery, as a gift, and a reward that’s worth pursuing. In 2016, Floridians listed the environment as their second most important concern, next only to the economy. One can only guess that if the people of the Sunshine State care about the environment this much, it’s because they’re among the people who know how to best enjoy it.

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