Hupp N’ Ray – One of the Island’s Most Popular Duos

by: Davis Yancy Clegg


Hupp N Ray in Concert


Live music is one thing you can count on an Islander to love. We pride ourselves on bringing that talent aboard our twilight and BYOB (adults only) tours, many leaving with a new favorite gig. The water offers a solace and life lets the music take the wheel, if for only a short while. Whether be it the starving acoustic songwriter, a preferred client at Saks Fifth Avenue, or a Wall Street hotshot out for one more 0 behind the decimal, all professional pursuits born of passion come with their many awards, courtesy of indentured sacrifice. The best of us form long-lasting relationships and an ever-changing chemistry between ourselves and most trusted partners in vocation. The best of us learn ways to work in cohesion and turn out to be talent like Fernandina Beach -founded, “Hupp N’Ray.

Alan Huppman and Ray Hetchka know what they want to play, and do soin effortless fashion. Drawing on influences from America’s love affair with the hypnotic tones of soft rock, the 60’s and 70’s. Peppered into the set list along the way, these “yacht club” pro’s will throw in a top 40 cover on you just to keep it interesting. Having known Hupp for over a decade now, both as friends and fellow performance artists, you’d be hard pressed to find some as versatile when it comes to switching the proverbial gears. You could fill up the hybrid and drive until the tank was empty, and not find a single duo that creates the sound they manifest, using the genres they gravitate towards.



Every harmonic note hit in unison for the first time, random acts of kindness, and that adored, yet fleeing sense of true happiness from hearing the right song at the right time. Influenced by some of the most iconic vocally-driven bands of all time, the Beatles, Crosby, Stills Nash & Young, David Wilcox, Don Henley, and Glenn Fry, Hupp approaches each song as if it was his own. Ray‘s bass tone delivers a low-end rhythm, staying in some of the tempos of certain songs in the set list – that is not always and easy task. Both rural towns in the middle of nowhere, and massive cities all have a heartbeat that is their culture, there strength. Take New Orleans. Indigenous “N’awlins” Jazz scene, made famous by the very popular show, an HBO series covering the economic fallout and recovery efforts of Hurricane Katrina. The music that kept those people together holds powers that world leaders can’t seem to wield with all their reach. Yet, one voice of a culture washed clean could heal a broken city. You see, music isn’t only important to how we experience and react in life, it is essential. Hupp N’ Ray bring the kind of music that keeps the fire lit.

They are quite a team on stage, and are just as gracious in any other setting. This would be a BYOB ticket to everyone to stay on the lookout. Come out and welcome this Dina’ duo to the ARC family!


Hupp N’ Ray are scheduled to perform June 17 on the Adult Twilight BYOB Cruise.


Get your tickets today and join the fun!




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