Sunsets Are Nature’s Chaotic Art

by: Davis Yancy Clegg




There is not one reason but many to go on a river cruise with us. In fact we feel there are more than 10. We like to think that our dedicated, talented team shares in the bulk of the reason for our success. However, we would be foolish in thinking that we held most credit for the overall cruise experience. Nature’s greatest gift to our good fortune – not to mention the abundance of life in general is due to the radiance one of our solar systems smallest star, the Sun. While the continuance of life on earth is its’ main purpose, this giant burning ball of gas just happens to work a 2nd job, too. It serves as the single greatest display of what beauty our planet is capable to reflect and this all on its’ own. These past couple years spent writing to you all about all the intriguing environmental issues existing today, what makes beautiful things beautiful, and I’ve learned. Especially in times or sorrow, it is often that we look to nature for consolation. More often than down, our eyes tend to gaze up, and towards the endless sky to seek out uncannily illusive answers to our own inner-dialogue’s questions. The wind at your back, tide beneath your feet, and the Sun sucker-punching you in the face – at just the right angle – all bring fleeing moments of serenity, even joy.

sunset colors

All the colors of the sunset (as well as their arrangement) are the result of the scattering of light.

Aboard what may be your first (or 50th) sunset cruise, you will come to notice that, like fingerprints, not one sunset is identical to another. Gandhi once reflected, “When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” Surely aw-inspired himself, the words of Mahatma Gandhi ring true to all who have experience the same sense of Serenity. So, to what laws of physics do we owe the pleasure of these daily evening spectacles? While some would argue there are no words to describe a sunset, it turns out there is a word. Scattering has its more commonly used meaning, which is to disperse objects or thoughts. Secondarily, scattering is a term often used by physicists when describing light. All the colors of the sunset (as well as their arrangement) are the result of the scattering of light. The tiniest of particles, along with all sorts of molecules, are responsible for this scattering process. These molecular-size particles change the direction of light rays. Simplifying, they scatter them. While the process of scattering affects the color of all light emitted from the sky, the infinite number of changes in the detailed characteristics of each sunset are determined by each particle’s structure and the variations in wavelength of Red and Blue light.

While sipping on a glass of white wine with snacks among good friends are the main things when on a cruise, remember when embarking on a tour of the historic river banks of the southern Atlantic Ocean region that a camera is sure-fire way to truly capture one of the most magnificent sights any photographer – amateur or otherwise – would call the snapshot of a lifetime. Here’s to setting the sun on your next day with both your family and ours. Happy Summer days from us here at Amelia River Cruises and Excursions!


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