Coyote sightings on Amelia Island?

by: Davis Yancy Clegg


Coyote in Parking Lot


While the list is not one of particular brevity, one of the treasured aspects of the parcel we islanders happily call home is its’ uniqueness. Without quoting Forest’s “Mama” on the subject of chocolates, life has surprises like is has sunrises. For many, the defining amazement that Amelia Island offers up is an ever-increasing number of unnaturally beautiful sightings of wildlife, reminding us of our proximity to creatures of the wild.

Given the nearly immeasurable number of diverse types of hometowns and rural no-wheres, from which to pick barely finite amount of options, allows us to choose our permanent areas in which to reside our minds’ idea of an ideal place to settle. While emotion wavers from pleasure to unadulterated fear, like everything else in life, great things often come with a surprise – when it often should be no surprise at all.

Coyote in the openAs of late, there have been many comments and concerns made clear to the city regarding the local presence and the often occurrence of sightings of coyotes in residential areas on the island. Important is a certain distinction. These are urban coyotes, as opposed to a coyote you may come across in the wild (not an advantageous situation in which to find yourself). Our local coyotes are well acquainted with the presence and smell of humans in their vicinity.

Needles to say that these curious animals are definitely intimidating. However, their curiosity is not coming from a predatory nature. These wild animals are actually quite timid in nature and will most likely tuck their tail and run, if challenged. In that same breath, it is important to remember one simple truth. As found in all of nature, a parent will always protect itself or its young. That’s just pure survival instinct. So, what’s the story’s moral? Under no circumstances, initiate a close encounter with one of these animals. Left alone, they will treat you with the same courtesy. Now, this part is important. Much like if you were to find yourself in a standoff with a bear, after wetting yourself – immediately start screaming like a scolded banshee and flail your arms about in a manner befitting an insane person! Size is everything in nature. If the way you present yourself to the wild-ling is any less dominating than the demeanor of the unforgiving, predatory set of teeth are presented to you. It is crucial to find some sort of way to declare yourself as a dominant, superior species. Stand on some sort of object that makes you tower over the animal. As stated before, these animals have no desire to initiate any danger until they themselves feel a threatening presence is afoot.

Typically coyotes roam around at night. So keep your cats and dogs inside or under supervision around that time.


Come join us on a sunset cruise. We have not seen a coyote lately but  we see lots of wildlife not to mention the best sunset in north Florida.



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