Life is about the journey, not the destination…

Dancing where the Giants Sleep

by: Davis Yancy Clegg


Brian and Katie Ernest


Faith has shown the world several something more than a couple times in recent years – a truth. Far from trivial, it infallibly moves, perched above and far beyond the challenge from any who would dare rise in question. Plainly, there is no singled-out force on which we can pin the responsibility for the path and course of time. Our constant awareness of the passing of time allows for us to see both the beauty and pain that outline our being, Disciplined appreciation and well-keeping of the time we are given to spend for the duration of our stay in this life are key to having anything of worth. What is the best of our blip of an existence? When caught off guard with such a question, a stumble in thought is sure to precede your response. Maybe, that is exactly the way one should react. If we can’t bring just a small amount of goodness into the world, then what has our time accomplished? Martin Luther King, Jr once proposed, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.” If ever one has sought out the light to push back the black, it is the performance on stage and the selfless acts of volunteering between that make Brian the batteries fueling the light.

Making exemplary use of the gifts which have been bestowed upon this husband and wife dream team, Brian and Katie have spent more than a decade sharing their talents with people of all walks of life.

Brian Ernest

Brian Ernest

Using modern playback/sound looping technology, Brian Ernst does what most musicians spend a career attempting to master. It takes a certain degree of talent to know what belongs – if anything at all – in between the spaces music leaves as a canvas for the artists discretion. Always packing a box of items which the average audience member would never look at and think it would make a great substitute for drum. The countless milestones the couple have made their way through, coupled with extensive experience with indigenous music and cultural traits encountered, these incredible experiences peek out and say hello in song. Moments like these are only able to be experienced on a stage that is under the “Ernst Influence.” If there’s one notion that will be dismissed entirely from your mindset over the course of the evolving nature of one of Brian’s performances, rest assured that – like any truly unique artist – this is not “that musician that sounds like that other guy.” There are certain moments listening to music that you might find uplifting. With Brian, the vibrant way he selects to express the range of sound where his originality lives – coming from a multitude of innovative sound effect innovations – his music has the raw power to lift you out the funk left by the routine of a daily grind.

Amelia River Cruises could not be happier to welcome Brain and Katie to the ARC family. We are looking forward to March 2018 when the Adult Twilight BYOB Cruise is starting up again and we get to know Brian up close and personal on the cruise.  We’re moving toward and looking forward to each tides’ coming, along with every sunsets.









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