Manufacturing the Destruction of Coastal Economics with Offshore Drilling

by: Davis Yancy Clegg


Intracoastal at Sunset


Governor Rick Scott goes to bat for Florida’s ecotourism industry in a massive way! Taking a stand against President Trump’s absent-minded attempt to include Florida in an ill-conceived federal roll-back in offshore drilling regulations to open new sites off the Florida coast.

How do we end up here? Well, we may have to roll back the clock to find the genesis of our folly in this matter. Since mankind has had the innate talent to convert oxygen into carbon dioxide, the human species has sought to create and convert any manipulatable matter in our path. Eventually, man figured out something we fervently believe to be a certain truth. But, delay of what? Ah yes, “progress!” In the frankest of ways to put it, it is no doubt a word that failed to receive the necessary due diligence before being decidedly declared gospel. Immediate action without proper research and cross-examination has taught us one definitive truth, time and time again. The best intentions often lead to the most dangerous of consequences! Whether the tale of original sin is fact-based in nature or a work of pure brimstone fiction, Adam and Eve’s story gave all of mankind volumes upon volumes of information – destined for text – regarding the human condition as not a singular condition, but an evolving state of being. The comings and goings of centuries flooded with change have led us to a sort of perpetual eruption in scientific revelations. In response to such a powerful conviction, mankind discovered a loophole. Possibly, history’s original loop hole. In need of personal appeasement, the art of “Justification” came about, spreading to the farthest reaches of the globe. Ironically and most effectively, it was our greatest ambitions which led us to forfeit our own inhibitions. In many cases, knowledge can breed innovation. Unfortunate, the only perpetuating result in some cases is that of greed.

Currency has many forms. No, it’s not a Rupee, Peso, Dollar, Euro, or Yen that we need to lend our concerns to. It’s a matter of the currencies color. Many countries are forced to see currency in terms of its’ color. Green and Black are the hues that rule the market. Oil and money might as well be interchangeable, given the amount of unadulterated dependence we are all subject to each of their necessity to sustain life as we know it. Those whom the mainstream culture has so casually labeled the “have nots” are fated to live without the means to gain the same quality of life which the “haves” enjoy, often taking it all the while for granted.

Fl Governor Rick Scott

Florida Gov. Rick Scott

Gov. Rick Scott was anything but hesitant to respond to the proposal, upon learning of Florida’s inclusion into the consideration to have new offshore drilling sites erected off the shores of the highest grossing ecotourism state in the entire Southeast, Florida. The governor as well as Floridians found this a most indecent proposal. Gov. Scott took little time to generate a decisive response, after it came from Trump’s desk last week. On Friday, Scott stated that Florida can’t risk the possible problems from drilling sites damaging beaches and coastal areas (The Washington Post). In a segment on Fox News, Governor Scott (R) said, “We come here, we move to Florida, we visit Florida because of our pristine environment and our beaches. People love our beaches.”

No one is going to be arguing that point. Having worked along side volunteers that have such great passion for keeping our beaches clean and beautiful as intended – with ecotourism dollars barely an afterthought in their focused goal – is a testament to the dedication of the people and the pride in which their homeland instills in their daily lives.


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